About me

About me

Hi, my name is Alan and I live in the beautiful North East of Scotland with direct access to most of the U.K.

Delighted and proud to be a son, husband, father and grandfather in the Aberdeen based Cairns Clan and extremely fortunate to have a caring, nonsense loving family that keeps expanding which simply means more fun for me.

My varied career has always been centred around delivery, taking me from engineering workshops to building sites, offshore platforms and offices but always working with and enjoying the needs of team working. I enjoy raising money for good causes and I have a passion for good food…..

Life is not always filled with fun but the sadder moments and pain remind me that with the right people around we can still enjoy and appreciate the better times. With over 50 years experience of life and learning from every (most) mistakes I am always willing to share to guide away from repeat.

Honesty and integrity shape my life and life choices but nobody is the same person they were a year ago, a week ago or even a day ago. Experiences don’t stop but I believe by sharing and supporting each other life will always be better

I always welcome the opportunity to support kindness, compassion and demonstrate an understanding of others needs.

Having completed Family Celebrant training in October 2019 I look forward to providing others with a professional, joyful service, offering  friendly guidance tailoring any celebration to your needs and leading you through a journey that will leave you with the fondest life long memories

I promise to offer every client a comfortable listening platform to express and discuss any wish or desire to be included in your celebration whilst further ensuring your special day is presented and guided by the keenest attention to detail that will satisfy your feelings, thoughts and dreams

It will be my privilege and pleasure to help you plan, create, write and deliver your celebration ceremony whether in a traditional style, formal or informal but always tailored to your beliefs and personalities.

It is simply about you, your wishes and creating the best possible life lasting memories