Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies

“Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language”

Dale Carnegie

A naming ceremony is an all inclusive symbolic celebration of the love, support and guidance that is promised by the parents and those present who will bond and be special during the infants growth into adulthood.

Whereas a traditional christening is a record and promise to guide your child in the ways of religious beliefs a celebrant service recognises the blessing and journey of all who will continue to offer love, security and guidance to allow your child to be happy and develop.

An important part of a STAR CELEBRANT ceremony is the recognition of the parent’s journey to this point and offers a reminder to all those present why this young person is unique as a symbol of the love and commitment of their parents.

Each ceremony is unique to your wishes, planned and presented to include music, singing, poems, readings, parental promises to their child, the appointment of ‘guide parents’, and perhaps a fun symbolic element, including all those present, such as planting a tree, signing of certificates, creating a time capsule , painting, sand or ribbons. It will always recognise the needs and beliefs of the parents and the children, regardless of age.

Included with each ceremony are beautiful commemorative certificates for the child and the supporting adults which allows a lovely lifetime keepsake and a sense of officialdom to the day.

It is not unusual for  ‘joint’ naming ceremonies for siblings to combine marriage and the coming together of two families which allows the children to feel and understand they are now an important part of something new with a secure, supporting and loving future.

Naming days are not just for babies, for older children they can be seen or used as a rite of passage or recognition and a celebration of growing maturity.

STAR CELEBRANT offers an intimate service for those who are born sleeping with special acknowledgement of the life changing impact and love they have left during their brief visit.

Your choice of location and theme for the day will be embraced and supported whether formal and traditional or informal. … listen to your imagination and don’t be restrained by convention.


“Our life together has just begun, you’re part of me my little one”