Vow renewals


“loved you then, love you still, always have, always will”


You may be asking why would we renew our vows when we haven’t broken the original ones?

A renewal of vows ceremony can be romantic, magical and a fun thing to do and can be as big or as intimate as you would like. You can retain elements of your original wedding day, and even embrace new ideas that reflect who you are now and indeed your current lifestyles.

A renewal of marriage vows can be fitting for a number of reasons no matter how long you have been married for and don’t forget it can be a great excuse to dress up and party or maybe a surprise romantic gesture or a gift for those who have everything!

If you need a reason to have some fun or a family party perhaps some of the following will strike a chord:

You can celebrate with your children or grandchildren

Think back to your original marriage day and your hopes and dreams for the future and now you find you are living those hopes with your family. Star Celebrant is all about enabling people to live their dream so why not share a special moment with those most important people in your life today, your family.

Most couples choose to get married before they have children, or when their daughters and sons are still young but now they are old enough to comprehend the love you have for one another, you can show them what it looks like and include them in the ceremony. Remind them they have enriched your journey and leave them with special memories to take to the future instead of laughing at the original photo of mums old dress and make up or dads dodgy suit that was fashionable – then.

Refresh your feelings

Holding a vow renewal ceremony may help evoke wonderful memories and feelings from the original day, only this time, your vows will have new meaning and you will experience excitement all over again by including those nearest to you now.

Recognition and celebration of special anniversaries – 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th

With divorce being quite common these days, a lasting marriage is something that is especially worth celebrating and are a wonderful opportunity for a renewal of vows ceremony.


Married in a different country

After tying the knot abroad many wish to celebrate their marriage and demonstrate their love and commitment locally with family and friends, did we mention an excuse to party?

A romantic gesture

A vow renewal ceremony is the perfect way for couples to make a public statement of their love and commitment to each other or perhaps your love for each other runs so deep that you wish to tell the world and celebrate the fact you are making that commitment over again.

Pop the question again on a birthday, on holiday or valentine’s day, or a planned surprise, declaring your vows again could be the perfect romantic gesture.

Did we mention Party?

“I had too much fun, was no ones last regret ever” …… Jonathan Heatt

The ceremony follows the Star Celebrant wedding arrangements, and each is unique to your wishes, planned and presented to capture your precious sentiments. If you wish to enhance the party atmosphere music, singing, poems, readings, and perhaps a fun symbolic element, (jumping the broom, wedding quaich, hand tying, signing of certificates, creating a time capsule, candles, sand or ribbons)can be included.

Couples often like to write their own vows or promises to each other,  if you need a little help, Star Celebrant assistance is always at hand to support you in expressing what you really want to say to your partner.

Star Celebrant is at home in any location; loch side, castle or living room where we will share fun and laughter to honour your love in the ‘wedding’ style of your choice as it is all about you.

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile” ……. Franklin P. Jones